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Your first kiss?

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when, where, and what happened when you had your first kiss? Who was your first kiss? What was your first French kiss like for you?

For me my first kiss was with the first guy I dated years ago and it was on the top of the Ferris wheel. He kissed me to keep me from panicking when we got stuck at the top. My first French kiss was with another guy and it was at my house on my couch. It was different. He tasted sweet and it felt intimate.



My brother was the first person I kissed. It was after we were wrestling on the bed. We had just come out of the pool. We were only in our bathers. I had a hard on, I leaned down and kissed him on the lips. I then opened his lips and stuck my tongue in a little, he grabbed my tongue with his teeth. He smiled and opened his mouth a little wider. Our dad came home soon after. I wouldn't have to wait long before we were lovers



that's amazing! it sounds so intimate <3



Dannywolfie88, it was amazing. We were very imitate with each other. We would kiss before and after sex and if dressed up, we would call ourselves a after our favorite lesbian set. I was Greta and he was Inga.



That's amazing. I love that. :)



It was at the party. I was 20, she was about two times older and heavier than me and enough drunk. I've helped her with some trifle and she hugged me very hard and gave a french kiss. Feelings from her tongue in my mouth and my penis pressed to her belly were so strong that I couldn't control myself and ejaculated semen.



My guess would be during a game of 'spin the bottle' and it was probably one of my cousins, although I couldn't remember which one all these years later.



Spin the bottle, a group of friends. Just so happened the bottle landed on my sister. It was my first proper kiss, she French kissed me. It was the first of many kisses we shared. This is when I realised I was attracted to women. This is me and my girlfriend now.
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With some boy I had a class with. It wasn't really good, possibility the driest kiss ever lol.



At a wedding. She was the daughter of some friends of my folks. Instant crush the moment I laid eyes on her. We danced every dance together during the reception. Back at the hotel, which the wedding party completely filled, all the younger people had free reign while the reception continued on the lowest floor. We went back to her parents room to watch movies and that's where we kissed. We learned a few other things that weekend lol.



While I was still in school, some of our class had went to an old school that our school kept away out in the country, this was for Geography, PE ( cross country, etc). We where split into Girls dorm and boys dorm, well of course we all ended up in one dorm during the night ( chatting ;)) One of the girls needed to pee but the bathroom was away in the other side of the of the " school" so i offered to walk her there. ( Hey i fancied her) We stopped on the way back for a kiss and before any more happened one of the teachers busted us and sent us to our own dorms. But the weird thing is it was two female teachers and the one that busted us had on a very sexy night dress. So what was they doing the other teacher was confirmed to be a lesbian btw.



My first kiss was actually my friends dad who i had a crush on! He was the first for a lot of things lol



when the year was 2000 (Start of new millennium new year)

where, Who was your first kiss? : home with a female friend (not a girl friend)

what happened when you had your first kiss? It was a sloppy kiss and we both enjoyed it as we ended up kissing multiple number of times

What was your first French kiss like for you? I was unsure of what to do but she seemed pretty much about kissing



I'm sure there might have been one earlier but first I remember was probably when i was 11 and played 'spin the bottle' with some of my cousins and sister. Pretty sure I kissed them all.



My cousin was my first kiss two years ago, at his parents' house, where we were both raised. At the time we had pretty much just started our relationship, it was great and we really enjoyed it, my first French kiss was at the same time too.



When, where and what happened when you had your first kiss? My first kiss, I'd rather forget. My first kiss with mom I always remember, in bed, on top of her, then she let me explore the skin of her stomach, the texture of her tits, the hardness of her nipples. The first kiss that was the beginning of a very magical relationship.

Who was your first kiss? A teenage mistake with a stupid, childish boy.

How was your first French kiss for you? I prefer to remember the first intense kiss with mom, exploring our mouths, knowing the texture of our lips, the taste of our saliva, the passion that was coming forever


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