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What’s the worst and best thing about being female?

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For me, the worst is not making good money at my job like most men get. The best about being a female every fucking thing.:):p:D:eek:



Men think there in control, but it's the women that can get them to do anything we want.



lol for sure!.



i guess i'd have to say the best thing is probably the social norms we enjoy.

as for the worst...i dunno, i could do without periods



Not having enough physical strength. In some situations where I have been afraid at night I thought about that.



I was that way when I was young. but I had 5 brothers and one sister who showed me how to fight.



The pain of childbirth is the worst but the reward of childbirth is the best. Even the best man on earth will never know what that feels like.



Hm sexism, having to fight all the damn time to be seen as a person and not as a piece of meat to entertain men, having to deal with that bullshit that is "friendzoning" (since some men apparently think it's their right to have a shot at sex because they are nice to a vagina owner), periods, the possibility to get pregnant, having to pay more for necessities, getting called "heartless" when you don't show emotions, getting called "hysterical" when you show emotions, "are you on your period?",...

Hm good things,.... brainless fuckers are easy to manipulate as soon as you show a bit of cleavage I guess,... and not having some annoying shit hanging between your legs and therefore can sit on the toilet without your balls touching the ceramic or water,....



You know that there are special moves that are build on the body of a female that don't rely on strength but on technique, right?

Also, show self-confidence. Weak men, who are the ones who attack apparently weak looking women (aka prey) are terrified of women with a confident "I'm gonna kill everybody who won't step aside on my way" walk. Never had troubles at night on my own nor felt frightened, not even once.

There are even small documentaries about how rapists and killers (who only prey on women) search for their next victim. Psychologists analysed the way of walking of women and showed those men videos from different walking styles of females and their body language in the same location with the same camera angle. Almost all of them pointed at women who (for example) held their sleeves edges, lifted their shoulders, duck their heads in and basically had an insecure walking style.



I think my problem is that I was always one of those women. I have never believed much in myself and I have always been afraid of violence.



ZGirl, than you should change that. Adapt a "fuck everything" mood when you go outside on the streets, look like you're ready to punch someone if they only look at you funny (facial expression) and walk as if you had ovaries the size of the moon.
The worst thing that could happen to you is that people avoid you, even people who might have interest in you. But to be honest, there are worse things than that.



Multiple Orgasms are great! Controlling men are the worst!


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