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my friend's dad sucking me ....

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so i went to my friend's home and i know they both usually naked at home , we swam in the pool and talked about after graduate if he want to keep studying or
taking a internship at a company , he is about 23 , we have always like to play and masturbate and his dad sometimes like to see us play . dad swam with us for a while and he said i hope you dont mind if i could massage you and i know he is really good at that , and he said i would love to shave you if you okay , and i would sit with josh and i can shave you both , so we both sitting naked at the bath tube and he gently shave me and then his son , and after we had a shower , and he asked me to lay on the massage table and he gave me a nice massage and he asked me to rise my legs higher as i wonder why and he started sucking my little cock and lick my butt hole ...and i was surprised even i know i have spot him gettng very hard and i saw josh is smiling at me and said to his dad " dad if you make him cum i would love to share with you " and dad stop and said you want to taste some his precum ? it is nice , as i always get wet and josh sucked me for while and when he sucked me i said dad started sucked him and i got really excited and i feel like i getting close and josh stop and told his dad i think he is almost burst and dad come and said let me taste it and i cant wait and shoot on his face and he right the way just hold my cock in his mouth and the rest just finish in his mouth and he keep sucking me until i get all my drop gone ,and after a while he hug me from behind as i am a 5 feet guy and he is tall and big i feel like i am covered by his body hair and josh come over and lick my penis and said you cum a lot ....and i fall asleep for a while and we woke up later and cooking in the kitchen and i had a wonderful evening .



Wow! what a sexy experience. I have fantasies of sucking a nice cock again. I have only done it a few times but it has been years. There is a young man I hire a few times a month for chores but I don't know how to approach him with this. He needs it so badly too. He is married but says he only gets to have sex every week or two.
You're a lucky guy to have friends like this.



Maybe let him clean out some things and accidently let him find some of your porn? Maybe a gateway to start a jerk off session.



Sounds like a hot evening. I had a friend shave me before and even though I've never had a thing for women it did turn me on when she was doing it. ALSO i like your shaved cock.

I've never been shaved but if someone wanted to i would let them. They would have to hold my boner out of the way to do it though. It sounds like a sexy experience.

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I would love to shave someone the suck him off so hot


Вы здесь » Anik » Gays, Shemales Forum » my friend's dad sucking me ....