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Need help getting into my stepsons pants

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Im a guy and Ive had a thing for my stepson for a few years now. He knows that I am bisexual and he will occasionally make jokes that make me think hed be down to mess around. For example, once he was talking about taking a shower and as he headed off to the bathroom, he said to me You wanna come and watch? Hes also made jokes about me watching him change clothes and other stuff like that.

If I thought he was serious, Id take him up on that in a second. Hes made these comments while we are alone in the house and also when my wife is present, so I cant tell if hes just poking fun at my sexuality or if its something more. Ive never told him how attracted I am to him...but on some level, he has to be aware of it. He frequently will walk around shirtless or sometimes just wearing boxer briefs and I cant help but check out his body, and lately Ive made no attempt to hide the fact that Im looking at him.

I dont know what to do next. Ive posted about this situation on here before and I was told that I should just respond to his jokes by saying something like Ok yeah, Ill watch you change and see what he does. I did that recently and all I got from him was a smirk and a laugh as he walked away. I took that to mean that hes just been joking about it all along.

But then last night, he came out of the bathroom after his shower, wearing only a towel wrapped around his waist. He told me that it was too bad that I missed his shower and when I laughed it off, he told me not to pretend that I wouldnt like to watch him. I responded by saying that seeing him. naked wouldnt be the worst thing in the world...but I said it like a joke, like he says stuff, in case he wasnt being serious. He looked me straight in the eyes and said Next time Im in the shower, just come on in. I didnt know how to respond so I just laughed and said ok, then he walked away.

During our whole conversation, he was standing there half-naked and wet, it was hard not to look at his hot body, and I just wanted to rip his towel off right there. Do I really just walk into the bathroom the next time he takes a shower? Thats pretty much an admission that I wanna see him naked. He could tell my wife about it. It would be difficult to explain why I just walked into the bathroom and stood there and waited while he was showering. But then again, nothing will ever happen between me and him if I dont at least consider putting it out there.



Does your wife know all of this? Not just the banter, but your true desires?



He's teasing for sure. He may want to play, too, just for the experience. What about the mother? She may see it in a bad way, an abuse.
If seated when he teases, hold you hand out at arm length and jesture with your fingers to approach. If he does and comes close enough, then see what happens if you tug at his towel. If he's teasing, he'll move away. If not, the towel will be pulled off. Then there's his cock. I'm inclined to think that if you get this far, touching his cock will come easily enough. Jacking him off will be easy too.
This all comes back to the mother. Will she accept it or must it be kept secret?



She knows Im bisexual but she has no idea that Im hot for her son. She would not accept it at all.



I can never let my wife know that Im attracted to her son. She would definitely not be ok with it.



I recommend that you keep your distance, then. When he's old enough he can make his intentions clear. It's playing with fire in any case. In my years of experience, I screwed things up a number of times by letting my libido, my cock, think for me.
That's what you're doing, possibly, letting your libido think for you. Your wife may wonder about this already; in fact, she must have put 2 and 2 together, knowing you open mind. How could she not have thought about it?
Stay away and maybe some day something will change, but remember that you're thinking with your cock. Only if and when you get a signal from your wife that it is OK should you make yourself available. You are a role model, too.
Do you jack off in front of your wife and vice versa, by the way? If no, then you know it's hands off the offspring.
If yes, she's already imagined you and her with the boy, possibly.
Just brain storming here - - be careful because this is a risky situation and he's definitely teasing you. Again, he's teasing like a prick teasing teen woman.



There will never be a point where she will be ok with me being with her son. And youre right, he definitely likes to tease me. I just feel theres a good chance that he is openly coming on to me, and its something I want really badly, but Im just letting it pass. Its risky but I feel like I should at least try to find out if hes serious or not.

I figured the next time hes in the shower, I could walk into the bathroom and say Im in there to get a hairbrush or something. Just let him know Im in there and see what he does.



If you wife would never be ok with you being sexual with her son you need to quit playing with fire and gasoline at the same time. There are a few million other humans on the planet that you can find an attraction for and who dont pose the obvious threat to your marriage that this boy does. You will be set up to look like the predator and he will look to be the innocent victim if something is discovered. Dont knowingly put yourself in that position.



I understand what youre saying. I just cant stop wondering what could happen. I figure that maybe he just wants to let me have a look. Ive already seen him naked once, about a year ago while we were in a changing room at a waterpark. And Ive been thinking about that ever since.



I agree it would be best to leave it alone. Sounds like trouble.



I know I should leave it alone, its just really hard to put it out of my mind.



UPDATE: Maybe this coronavirus lockdown is making everyone a little crazy because something happened last night. I heard him in the shower and I was loading the washing machine and had to get my dirty clothes from the hamper in the bathroom. I knocked on the door to see if it was ok that I came in to get the clothes. He said it was ok and I went in the bathroom. Of course all I could think about was his jokes about me watching him shower and him flat-out telling me that time to just come on in.

We have one of those sliding doors in our shower. He was in there and I couldnt see anything through the door. I went over to the hamper and grabbed the dirty clothes. As I was getting ready to leave, he pulled open the door to the shower!!! He was standing there naked, the water still running over him. He smiled and asked me if I could get the dirty clothes from his bedroom to throw in the wash. Now he could have just told me that without opening the door. So he tells me this and Im standing there, I cant help but look at his hot body. It was really hard to make any eye contact at all when I had so many other things to look at. I told him I would get the clothes for him, then we just stood there facing each other. I didnt try to leave and he didnt close the shower door. This lasted about ten seconds and I just sort of froze and didnt know what to say or do. He was smiling a little and looking at me and then he looked down at his cock and then he looked back up at me and said thanks and I just stood there for a little while longer, then I turned and left the bathroom.

WTF? Its obvious that he was showing off to me. Now I know for sure that he either already knew that I think hes hot OR he just assumed Id be interested in him since he knows I like men. Part of me is wondering what would have happened if I hadnt left the bathroom. I didnt try to hide the fact that I was checking him out either. He knew I was looking at his cock and his body because I did a lot more than just glance at him quickly. Hes been in his bedroom all day since I got home from work so I havent seen him since the incident. I figure that its unlikely anything bad will come of this. Its not like he can tell my wife that I did anything wrong because he is the one who opened the shower door. I dont know what to say to him now when I see him again.

All that being said, I got what I wanted! He is such a stud. Hes not skinny or anything, he has just the right amount of chub on him. So sexy. He has a small cock but his balls are very big. Well he was soft so I dont know how big he gets when its hard but it definitely was on the smaller side in general. He has a nice bush which surprised me because I know a lot of dudes his age usually trim their pubes down to almost nothing or else they shave completely. But he seemed to just let It go and it was definitely sexy. I cannot believe this happened. I have wanted to see him like this for so long. I had seen him naked once briefly in a changing room but I only saw his butt. Im a little worried about how he will act towards me now but Im also a little excited about how he will act towards me now.



It sounds like he's enjoying it, no doubt.
The real question is this worth ruining your current relationship during a pandemic.



I dont see how it could turn into a problem. Especially if I wait to get the dirty clothes from the bathroom until I hear him in the shower. If he wants to open the shower door and give me a look, thats on him. Its not like Im being weird and creeping on him. I dont think it would hold much weight for him to say Yeah I opened the shower door to tell him something and he saw me naked! Of course Id see him naked. As far as going further with him...I know doing anything more would be a bad idea but honestly I dont know how I could ever turn him down if he suggested it in any way.



Then dont turn him down, give him hints that you want him and if he makes the first move just clarify with him that his mother is to NEVER find out or know about it for any reason!
Cant wait for an update on your progress! 😊☺


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